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No, I don’t know why I wrote it either.

Busy Day!

A busy day today. So far today I’ve walked the dog, done some light grocery shopping, bought gas, fixed the lawnmower, mowed the lawn, and dug up the garlic crop.
And now it’s time for lunch. (No connection to the garlic.)

Decision Making

This is happily nothing to do with anything going on in my life, just a general observation I can’t get out my head.
In the corporate world, before scolding a subordinate for making a decision they don’t agree with, most senior managers prefer to increase the level of irony by first giving a speech about how important it that everyone be empowered to make decisions.

Swine Flu

As a public service, I’d like to present the following list of Swine Flu symptoms (aka H1N1). The CDC provides a far more comprehensive repository of Swine Flu information.

Swine Flu Symptoms

  • High fever (100 degrees).
  • Body aches.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Strong urge to roll in the mud.*

*The urge to roll in mud may also be a sign that you’re overly involved in politics. Medical supervision is strongly recommended.

Bye-bye Google

The Google ads are gone from this portion of the site. (At least, I think I found all the places where they were set up.) I still need to remove them from the blog on the fandom part of the site, and also from Wylie’s pages. But much as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took a while to tear it down too.
Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with companies making money to pay for the content they put on line. I simply don’t agree with Google’s decision to keep track of what sites individuals visit. That’s just a little too invasive and a little too easy to abuse. (I’d love to think I’m part of a larger backlash on this one, but most folks seem fairly oblivious to privacy concerns.)
One thing I do agree with though: Google should try to make their ads a bit more relevant. Looking at my fandom blog just now, Google’s displaying an ad for car insurance. That one’s not only irrelevant to the content of the blog, it’s irrelevant to anything I’ve even looked at online in the past six months.

Exclusive Coverage: Obama Eats Lunch!!!

OK, I haven’t seen that headline yet, but when I was taking a break on Monday afternoon, I did see this one:
President Obama bumps his head
It seems that as the president was boarding Marine One, he paused to wave to people on the ground and didn’t duck low enough to clear the helicopter’s doorway. And with everything else that’s going on the world right now, CNN decided to put that story on their home page. (They also hastened to assure us that Mister Obama wasn’t harmed in the incident.)
Y’know, there’s a fine line between enthusiastic media coverage and stalking. CNN didn’t step over that line so much as they pole-vaulted.

Fiscal Policy

I lived off-campus during my senior year of college. I don’t recall whether it was me, or a friend who lived across the hall, but one of us glued a nickel to the floor in the hallway. For the next six months, every Friday and Saturday night you could hear drunks tripping as they tried to pick it up.
This random memory brought to you by Elmer’s, manufacturer of Crazy Glue and many other high quality adhesives.

What are the overdraft fees are for a bounced reality check?

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

  • According to a statistic I heard on the radio during my drive home this evening, approximately 9,000 people per day are losing their jobs.
  • Also according to various news sources, the median pay for members of Congress is approximately $200,000 per year.
  • A couple months ago, members of Congress received a pay increase. (This was an automatic raise, not one they had to vote for.)
  • The Senate has 100 members, the House of Representatives has 435.
  • Hey! I just came up with a way to trim the Federal budget by $110,600,000!!!