Alternate Versions

One of the deleted scenes from X-Men: The Last Stand was a scene in which Pyro tells Magneto that Worthington Labs has announced a “cure” for mutants. But instead of a single deleted scene, they actually had two versions of it. In the first version, Magneto was his usual dapper self. In the second version, to show that he’d been in hiding for a while, Magneto has a heavy beard.
I can understand why they dropped the scene. It was 30 seconds of film that really didn’t do anything to advance the plot. Having Magneto show up at the mutant community meeting was a much more dramatically effective way of showing that he knew what was going on.
Of course, another good reason for dropping it is that in the version with the beard, it looks as though the brotherhood of evil mutants is being led by Gandalf.

Life's too short to be spent sleeping

My friends are pretty well aware of my insomniac tendencies. If I comment that I was up until 3am, the usual reaction is, “Well that’s nothing new.” On the other hand, if I mention that I was asleep before midnight, the initial surprise quickly gives way to inquiries into whether I’m well. This cycle has become so routine for me that back in the spring, the only time I got sick was after a week of getting eight hours sleep every night. Continue reading Life's too short to be spent sleeping

Recovering from my injury

I know only one or two people read this on any sort of regular basis, but I figure the more channels I use to get the word out, the less the risk of confusion and mistaken rumors.
I got shot on Friday by someone who was visiting my office. It happened very quickly, and I swear, the paperwork was more painful than the actual injury. (Why does the insurance company need to know both your date-of-birth and your age? Can’t they do the math to figure it out?)
The bottom line is this: I’m fine. My biggest problem at the moment is a simple lack of sleep, but that’s hardly a new problem now is it?
At least I won’t be getting the flu this winter. 🙂
I’m just disappointed they didn’t give me a lollipop afterward.

Cleaning up the Political Landscape

Election season is over for another year. Walking past the elementary school up the road this morning, Wylie and I counted approximately 60 campaign signs still on display in front of the school. (Perhaps someone thinks the kids are voting today?)
The election ended last night. Granted, there’s a lot of signs out there, so I’m willing to wait 24 hours for them to get cleaned up. But those signs are ugly. Starting Thursday, I think all the candidates (successful or otherwise) should be required to pay a fine of $5 per sign per day for every campaign sign still on display on public land.
I’ll bet that would get the trash picked up a lot faster. 🙂
Updated 11:00 pm
The signs up by the school are gone. Obviously, one of the candidates read this and realized the only way to avoid bankruptcy was to hurry up and get rid of the signs near all the schools post-haste.
Perhaps that’ll get the rest of them cleaned up too.