On the Water

Laying on a lounge chair, Helen was enjoying the warm afternoon sun on her face. The chair transmitted vibrations from the deck as the boat raced across the lake. As the engine lulled her to sleep, Helen smiled to herself, “I’m glad we bought this boat. Wayne definitely likes his toy.”

Twenty minutes earlier, Wayne had looked toward the back of the boat and, seeing Helen napping, decided she’d had a good idea. Shutting down the engine, he’d stretched out on the other lounger. Now, feeling the deck’s vibrations through his own chair, Wayne smiled, pleased that his wife was enjoying herself and drowsily decided not to interrupt.

Standing on his hind legs, with one forepaw resting on the steering wheel and the other on the throttle, the family dog was enjoying the feeling of his ears flapping in the wind. Reflecting that this was much more fun than curling up on the deck, he resolved that next week he would teach himself how to drive the truck.

A Lucky Escape for Shatner?

The reports have been circulating for the past couple days that William Shatner is disappointed because he won’t be appearing in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

What I don’t understand is why he’d want to be in this movie in the first place. (OK, aside from the paycheck, I don’t understand. But he already gets a paycheck with his gig on Boston Legal, and no doubt also gets a steady-stream of residual checks from the Trek franchise.)

According to the article (it appears to be the same one, via multiple outlets), Leonard Nimoy is going to make an appearance as Spock. It also mentions specific actors as the “Young Spock” and “Young Captain Kirk.” Great. So Nimoy’s going to appear because the movie involves a time travel plot (Boring!) or else the entire movie is a flashback (Equally boring!)

So at least we already know the title.

Star Trek 11: Jumping the Shark


I started to put Explorer in this space, but in the end decided it was better suited for the “Musings” part of the site. Tomorrow I may very well change my mind and move it back.
When you read it, the story is (pretty obviously) inspired by the Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity Mars missions. It’s not really tied to any one of those in particular, and with only minor changes could be adapted to the Viking missions as well. I just happened to find myself contemplating the probes’ arrival from the viewpoint of what it might have really looked like. We know how the landing sequence was supposed to go, and we know that the three probes did indeed arrive. But there were no eyewitness accounts.
At least, not until now. 🙂

Talking about the Weather

The DC area has been very dry this summer. The last I heard was that the total rainfall for the year is a foot below normal for this point. One consequence of the lack of water is that plants aren’t growing very well. My garden was a disaster this year, yielding only a handful of tomatoes and one stunted zucchini. (Note to self: use the hose and water the garden next time!) On the other hand, the grass has been dormant most of the summer and has probably been mowed less than half a dozen time.
According to the news, today was the 34th consecutive day with no measurable rainfall. That’s the longest period without rain since they started keeping records in 1871.
Thursday’s weather forecast called for a 30% chance of rain.  There were a few wisps of clouds today, but no rain worth mentioning.  Now they’re saying it’s going to rain all day tomorrow with a strong possibility of severe thunderstorms.
To be honest, I’d love to see some rain.  But they’ve been predicting scattered showers for a couple weeks.
I guess time will tell.

Rough Draft

My handwriting lives by the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest is thoughts are travel a treacherous railway through the a mountain pass of my thoughts.

Every Each scratch mark Every revision is an abandoned line a derailed train of thought, not an absolute wreck, but a place where the co rails have buckled. Sometimes leaving a twisted, rusting hulk of an abandoned sentence. Other times allowing the train to go in a new, more interesting direction.

Oh dear. It seems I stutter on paper too!