Interesting Afternoon

Today was quite “interesting.” The Gaithersburg/Germantown Jaycees were running a booth at a festival at Bohrer Park down in Gaithersburg this afternoon and I went to help out. Around 1:30 a police dog that happened to be at the event “alerted” on me and turned up a small bag of marijuana in my left pocket.
No, I’m not joking, there really was marijuana in my pocket. I should know, I put it there after all. I would say that it wasn’t mine, but then, that’s what they all say, right?
No doubt you’re wondering what the heck was going on. How did I end up with marijuana in my pocket?
There’s a simple explanation: The cop gave it to me.
The event was Gaithersburg’s annual all-dog “Bark in the Park” festival and the Jaycees had arranged for officers from the Maryland Division of Corrections to put on a demonstration. I was one of the volunteers for the demonstration of how the dogs help to screen people for drugs.

Marsh Quality

Before emptying the spam folder, I’m in the habit of reviewing the subject lines just to make sure nothing important was trapped by mistake. Of course, it is necessary to be a little skeptical since spammers will generally try to peddle their wares by making the product sound like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
Today I spotted this subject line:

Trusted Marsh Quality at Discount Prices

I’m not sure I understand how “Marsh Quality” could be considered a positive. Sure, it’s Trusted Marsh Quality, but I tend to think of marshes as soggy, mosquito breeding-grounds.
They did get part of it right though. If the best thing about your product is its “Marsh Quality,” you’d better be selling it at a discount price!