Interesting Afternoon

Today was quite “interesting.” The Gaithersburg/Germantown Jaycees were running a booth at a festival at Bohrer Park down in Gaithersburg this afternoon and I went to help out. Around 1:30 a police dog that happened to be at the event “alerted” on me and turned up a small bag of marijuana in my left pocket.
No, I’m not joking, there really was marijuana in my pocket. I should know, I put it there after all. I would say that it wasn’t mine, but then, that’s what they all say, right?
No doubt you’re wondering what the heck was going on. How did I end up with marijuana in my pocket?
There’s a simple explanation: The cop gave it to me.
The event was Gaithersburg’s annual all-dog “Bark in the Park” festival and the Jaycees had arranged for officers from the Maryland Division of Corrections to put on a demonstration. I was one of the volunteers for the demonstration of how the dogs help to screen people for drugs.

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