Recovering from my injury

I know only one or two people read this on any sort of regular basis, but I figure the more channels I use to get the word out, the less the risk of confusion and mistaken rumors.
I got shot on Friday by someone who was visiting my office. It happened very quickly, and I swear, the paperwork was more painful than the actual injury. (Why does the insurance company need to know both your date-of-birth and your age? Can’t they do the math to figure it out?)
The bottom line is this: I’m fine. My biggest problem at the moment is a simple lack of sleep, but that’s hardly a new problem now is it?
At least I won’t be getting the flu this winter. 🙂
I’m just disappointed they didn’t give me a lollipop afterward.

2 thoughts on “Recovering from my injury”

  1. From the emails I’ve been receiving, it appears I wrote this a little too well.
    It was a flu shot!

  2. Thank you for scaring all your friends and Athena members. But I did feel your pain. I got shot as well. I feel bad for kids, they’re supposed to have this shot twice!

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