Exclusive Coverage: Obama Eats Lunch!!!

OK, I haven’t seen that headline yet, but when I was taking a break on Monday afternoon, I did see this one:
President Obama bumps his head
It seems that as the president was boarding Marine One, he paused to wave to people on the ground and didn’t duck low enough to clear the helicopter’s doorway. And with everything else that’s going on the world right now, CNN decided to put that story on their home page. (They also hastened to assure us that Mister Obama wasn’t harmed in the incident.)
Y’know, there’s a fine line between enthusiastic media coverage and stalking. CNN didn’t step over that line so much as they pole-vaulted.

2 thoughts on “Exclusive Coverage: Obama Eats Lunch!!!”

  1. wait, so he didn’t eat lunch? how will i know when he does? how many times? what food does he eat? does he snack? how many times a day does he poop, so he can fit more food in?
    these are the questions that plague my mind.
    oh, and i think you should be expecting an angry call from the website host because with a headline like that, you’re gonna crash their servers!

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