My Life: The Movie

I was asked recently:

If they were making a movie about your life, what would it be called and which actor would play you?

I’m not sure what the title would be, but it would probably be a comedy. (In light of my recent interests, So You Think You Can Dance might be a good one , but I think that title’s already taken. Maybe I should just go with Casablanca and be done with it.
As far as the actor goes — most likely the casting director would be confused by my name and cast a woman to play me – Geena Davis might be a good choice, she has comedy/drama credits to her name (e.g. Cutthroat Island), she’s about my height, and her hair color is similar to mine. Oh sure, the producer would realize there’d been a mistake about the gender, but by that point Geena would already be under contract and it would be too expensive for the studio to back out. In the end, everyone would agree that this sort of mistake happens a lot in my life and so they’d end up keeping her.
When the movie came out, half the critics would watch the film and laugh uproariously, the other half would be confused. This would be very similar to most other things in my life.