Bowing to the Inevitable

At this point in time, I think there are perhaps a dozen people in North America who don’t have Facebook accounts. Up until 5 minutes ago, I was one of them.
I’ve been noticing a trend lately: If you want to know what’s going on, you have to be on Facebook. I’ve missed out on a lot of news because of that, and frequently have to ask people to resend photos so I can view them. (I frequently receive photo links which lead to Facebook pages which say “You must have a Facebook account to view that page.”)
So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and join Facebook, at least until the next fad comes along.

5 thoughts on “Bowing to the Inevitable”

  1. One interesting step in the signup process is where you’re asked to pick people you know from a list of people you might know. (I skipped the step where they asked for my email password. Internet Security 101 — don’t share your password.)
    Some of the people they listed really are folks I know. Some of them are folks I’ve never heard of.
    Then we have the “interesting” ones.

    • Richard Hatch – Well OK, I have met him. He signed The Snow Shovel. Even watched him and Peter David get into a water gun duel.
    • Gary Graham – Yep, I’ve met him too. Gary was at “SnowPoint” which was the last time The Snow Shovel was used for snow. (I really need to meet him again so I can get it signed.)
    • Howard Weinstein – OK, Howie and I actually know each other by name and have even chatted about non-convention topics. But I don’t know him well enough to call for a ride when my car won’t start (though I think he’d say yes if he were local).

    Yet very few of the people I do know well are listed on this page. (Even though they talk about Facebook quite often.)

  2. I am sorry that you have succumbed to Facebook illness. I was quite willing to pass the photos along by a different route, and you’ll note that I did. (I only sent them Facebook route because I was under the mistaken impression that you would be able to view them without an account.)

  3. You’re not the first to send photos that way. It is possible for a non facebook user to view photos, but apparently you have to set permissions for each photo or something like.
    It ends up being enough of a hassle that over time, I end up not seeing photos. Likewise, when folks post stuff to their facebook accounts, such a large percentage of their friends are on the system that non-facebookers tend to be overlooked.
    I was probably gonna end up there sooner or later anyhow. There’s been nothing big yet, but we’re starting to look into doing things with Facebook at work.

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