Recreation through Re-creation.

(Yeah, I changed the title.)
I was at Shore Leave this weekend and ran across this little guy.
An R-2 unit in the in the hotel's lounge area.
OK, it’s not really R2-D2 (not quite the right colors, much less the actual droid – plus, this one is still under construction), but it’s a pretty good re-creation nonetheless.
I was similarly impressed with this re-creation of Indiana Jones. (And quite surprised upon discovering that I’d managed to capture an image of the whip in mid-crack!)
"Indiana Jones" on the hotel lawn, practicing with his whip.
I’m not really sure what to make of this one. I think he’s some sort of space marine from the Halo video game. There was evidently some sort of speaker system built into it, as everywhere he went, there was music playing (presumably environmental music from the game).
Halo-looking soldier in the hotel lobby.

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  1. I asked a gamer. That’s definitely a soldier from Halo.
    Snake Eyes looks more like this guy, but with sunglasses.
    Snake Eyes (from G.I. Joe) minus the sunglasses.

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