Matt's Falcon

Matt and I were among the people who spent some time Saturday helping the Mt. Airy Jaycees with their spring yard sale. This was my first time attending and I soon discovered that the name is somewhat misleading. This “yard sale” takes over the local fairgrounds!
During the course of the morning, Matt told us about some of his and Anna’s pets, including a pair of rats. In the early afternoon, he acquired one more critter. Several carpenter bees had been hovering around the table and after one was knocked out of the air, Matt went over and picked it up on the end of a pen, and then transferred it to his arm. (Carpenter bees supposedly don’t have stingers. I was quite content to let Matt do the verification.)
Matt with the bee - falcon-style!

Matt had always wanted a Peregrine Falcon, this is similar.

Closer view of the bee.
Closer view of the bee.

Honey? Can I keep him?

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  1. I can’t bee-lieve he has a bee on his arm. He is awfully cute though…for a bee.

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