A Few Thank Yous

I’ve been participating in various Relay for Life events for about ten years now. My Jaycees Chapter has been fielding a team since before I joined and about six weeks ago I signed up for this year’s team.
One of the things about cancer is that pretty much everybody knows someone who’s had cancer. In my case a number of friends and family members have been diagnosed over the years, and several of them have passed away. That makes this particular cause a bit more personal and makes it easier for me to get up the courage to do some fundraising. (The fact that so many people know cancer patients doubtless makes it easier for people to donate as well.)
About three weeks ago my friend AJ was diagnosed with cancer. Because of advances in treatment over the years, brought on by people supporting cancer research, she’s expected to make a full recovery.
So I’d like to publicly thank a few of the people who’ve helped me out this year. In no particular order other than first name alphabetical:

  • Michele McGleish
  • Mom & Dad
  • Sue Petersen
  • Tim & Jen Fuss
  • Matt Fuhrman
  • Tom & Karen Donnelly

I’m right now about 40% of the way to my fundraising goal and would very much like to exceed it. If you’d like to support me in Relay for Life, please visit my donation site at:


2 thoughts on “A Few Thank Yous”

  1. I’ll add AJ to my prayer list. If you (or readers) have one, please add my friend Kate.

  2. I only have two readers, and you’re one of them. But aside from that, consider it done.

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