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The Butler Did It!

Every so often I hear a song on the radio with lyrics along the lines of:

Now I’m falling asleep,
And she’s calling a cab,
While he’s having a smoke,
And she’s taking a drag…

And so on. The song is called “Mr. Brightside” and it’s sung by a group calling themselves “The Killers.” The problem with this song is that one of the lyrics is, “He takes off her dress now.”
Every time I hear that line, I’m reminded of this joke:

Lady Brooks summoned her butler to her bedroom.
James arrived, she said “You know why you are here I assume. Take off my dress and do it with care. It cost a lot of money so do not tear it.”
“Take off my bra and stockings too.”
James diligently did what he was told to do.
“Take off my knickers, I know you have done that before.”
“If I catch you wearing my clothes again I will personally kick you out the front door.”

Now you can get that joke stuck in your head too.