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In a conversation with my boss this morning, I announced my plans to take the rest of the year off from work. He fully supports this decision; as he said, you have to stick to your principles.
He left 30 minutes ahead of me!

Things Are Looking Up!

As noted previously, my year got off to a rough start, but it’s my belief that this just means I’m getting all the crap out of the way up front and the rest of the year will be significantly better.
The good part of the year is starting to kick in. On Thursday, I went to an MVA Express office to renew my driver’s license. The last time I went to an MVA Express office, I was there for more than an hour. This time I was in and back out in just 10 minutes. The photo even looks like me!
The rest of my year is gonna rock!

Starting Off With A Bang!

My wish for one and all is that so far your year has been better than mine, and that the rest of it be at least as good as I expect mine to be. And in the immortal words of Dave Barry, I swear, I am not making any of this up.
Today is January 6th. It is the sixth day of 2009. So far this year, I have…

  • snapped the key off in the lock (with me on the wrong side of the door) at 2 AM New Year’s Day.
  • …replaced a broken thermostat.
  • …woken up shivering the following morning because the furnace was also having problems.
  • …stayed the following night with friends because the house was still too cold.
  • …had my Christmas cold return.
  • …spent two hours sitting at the car dealership only to learn that they’re not sure whether they’ve fixed the problem.
  • …had the problem with the furnace turn out to be easy to fix, except they don’t have the part in stock!

My take on all of this is that I’m getting the entire year’s worth of crap out of the way at the very beginning. Once I get past this, look out! The rest of this year is going to be fantastic!!!!!
Assuming, of course, that I survive January.