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There’s a lot of music on The Funny Music Project’s web site which is dumb, off-color, way-too-geeky for even me or, in many instances, some combination of the three. But every so often, somebody will post a song that you can’t help liking.
I think “Noah” falls into that category. And as one commenter said, now I have something besides “Yoda” to think of the next time I hear “Lola” on the radio.

Retro Music Videos

YouTube seems to be a good source for music videos these days. Along with the song-parody videos I’ve written about elsewhere, there’s also a wealth of music from way back.
DDMD posted a link to a concert video from the late 70s, and that got me thinking about some of the songs I liked “way back.” (To my amusement, despite being a few years older than DDMD, my nostalgia music comes from a decade later.) I’m not exactly certain when “Men at Work” hit big in the US, only that it was the early to mid eighties.
Twenty-some years later, “It’s a Mistake” seems to have held up pretty well and seems quite relevant given what’s going on in the world.

Ah, for the days when MTV played music… 🙂