Backup Failure

I’ve discovered that approximately 10 years of photos have been deleted from my system. Possibly something I did wrong, I’ll probably never know for sure.
Not to worry, I’ve been Mozy for most of the past year. Sure, there’ve been some glitches in that time (for example, not quite a month ago, I couldn’t complete a backup for over a week, and the time before that I had to start complaining in a public forum) but eventually everything got fixed. So, nothing to worry about.
So I attempted to restore my deleted photos. The initial estimate said it would take about 5 hours to restore. That’s to be expected, it’s a lot of files after all.
Half an hour later, Mozy says “Restore Completed — Cannot connect to server.”
HOW THE BLAZES IS THAT CONSIDERED “COMPLETE”? Complete failure maybe, but not a complete restore operation.
Based on this event, and my previous bad experiences with Mozy’s support system, I hereby retract my previous endorsement of this product.