One for the Scrapbook!

I got my picture in the paper! You can see it on The Gazette’s website in several editions, along with an article about the Jaycees’ event where the photo was taken.
Now if you look at that photo (it’s the group standing in front of a brick wall), you won’t actually see me anywhere. That’s because I’m not in it. Instead, it’s “my picture” in the sense that I was the photographer. (I was also responsible for the press release the article is based on.)
This is the fifth time since January ’09 when The Gazette has printed one of my photos. It’s also the first time I’m aware of when they’ve put one of my photos on their web site.
I think it’s kinda cool!

Here’s a larger version of the same photo:

Your 2010 Gaithersburg/Germantown Jaycees Board of Directors:
(left to right) Individual Development Vice President, Valerie Lefor; Chairman of the Board, Jason Silverberg; Community Development Vice President, Kara Farrell; State Director, Vicente Lopez; Secretary, Valerie Palmer; Treasurer, Dean Lefor