Hide and Seek

Wylie enjoys lounging on the couch, particularly on the reclining section furthest from the window. When I’ve had guests over, and the couch was full, he’s been known to hop up next to a “squatter” and nudge that person until he or she moves out of his spot.
Wylie evicts a squatter from his spot on the sofa.
When Wylie is alone on the couch, he likes to curl up toward the back where the cushions meet the back. He tends to drop down into the space in between.
Which leads to an important tip: If you can’t find your dog, don’t forget to check under the sofa cushions. (This also applies to loose change.)

One thought on “Hide and Seek”

  1. When Wylie has visited, I’ve been kicked off my own couch a couple of times. He’s pretty subtle about nudging you until you barely notice you have been moved.

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