Writing an email for work this afternoon, I discovered that Firefox’s built in spellcheck1 doesn’t recognize the name of Microsoft’s Visio product.
One of the suggested “corrections” is Visigoth. Given my experiences with Viso so far, I don’t find this correction to be entirely incorrect.
1Firefox also fails to recognize the word “spellcheck”, yet it suggests “spellchecker” as a correction. (I can agree that spellcheck shouldn’t be a word, but if that’s the case, then certainly spellchecker — one who spellchecks — is also ineligible.)

One thought on “Spellcheck”

  1. One bit of follow-up on this: Because the spell checker (or, as as a friend more properly describes it, spelling checker) is the one built-in to Firefox, if this issue were sufficiently important to me, I could submit a correction.
    Of course, Firefox being an open source product, this would inevitably lead to a tedious discussion of whether product names belong in the dictionary, several dozen exclamations that I would have never encountered this problem had I been using such-and-such obscure design package running on a specific but equally obscure Linux distribution. (Never mind that I work in a Microsoft shop and hardly have the authority to dictate software preferences to the entire – breathtakingly huge – enterprise.)
    The final result would of course be that a different word would end up in the dictionary, but it wouldn’t be spelled correctly.
    Somehow, this just doesn’t strike me as being worth the effort.

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