Halloween is next Friday.  It’s one of my favorite holidays.
Target is selling an adult-sized gorilla costume for $69.95.
I only have to be strong for a few more days.  Then they’ll (hopefully) be out of stock.

8 thoughts on “Temptation”

  1. Nah. Pretty much any store with Halloween stuff tends to be pretty empty within a few days of Halloween. Of course, the past few years, the economy’s been in better shape.
    I may have to go back there sometime next week…

  2. what a great prayer request? do you want me to add it to a prayer chain ;’)
    peace with this and all else you need strength for.

  3. A prayer for the strength to resist buying a silly costume?
    That would definitely be “unique” and I do thank you for the thought, but I think its covered. There’s quite a few other things going on these days that could use the extra prayers more. (Besides, if I were actually going to buy the costume, I wouldn’t be writing about it here so as to avoid ruining the surprise.)

  4. Blair– The prayer we all need is discernment in making wise choices with our money. Have fun in what ever costume (silly or not) that you end up wearing.

  5. I can’t argue with that one.
    Come back in a day or two. By then I’ll have the photos up and you’ll be able to see the costume I went with. My experience with store-bought costumes is that they don’t breathe and therefore tend to be very hot. This one doesn’t have that problem at all. 🙂

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