Asking for Trouble

The Mad Russian is going to be out of the office for the next two weeks. One week in training, one week on vacation. She won’t be in the office at all during that time, so she’s asked me to water her plants while she’s away.
On the one hand, they’re just a couple plants. But the truth is, people care a great deal about their office plants. You don’t ask someone to take care of your plants if you don’t trust them. It’s a responsibility I’m taking quite seriously and I fully intend to take very good care of those plants.
This raises an important question however. Before The Mad Russian returns, should I replace them with plastic plants? Or with cacti?

3 thoughts on “Asking for Trouble”

  1. Plastic. Unless she already has cacti, in which case she wouldn’t have needed to ask you to water them anyway.
    Although to be fair – didn’t you grow veggies on your desk?

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