My Newfound Respect for Paris Hilton

There’s a phrase I never expected to find myself using.
As you might guess from a previous post or two, I’m generally of the opinion that Paris Hilton is just another drunken party-girl. (To be fair, the magnifying glass lens of tabloid sensationalism might leave some people with a less than entirely favorable impression of me too.)
But despite her rather shameless public foibles, recent events have caused me to raise my opinion of Ms. Hilton by a notch or two.
Not being much of a TV watcher, I missed the ad (now viewable on YouTube), but apparently John McCain released an ad drawing a negative comparison between Barack Obama and party girls Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
So now comes the part where I end up with some respect for Paris Hilton.
Sometime in the past 24 hours, Paris Hilton released a short video responding to the McCain ad. It’s brilliant! Now obviously there were a few other people involved in writing and producing the video, but the fact that she not only responded to being included in McCain’s ad but also went along with poking fun at her own celebrity status… I have to respect her for that.
But there’s more. This short (1 minute, 51 seconds) video also includes the Hilton campaign’s proposed energy policy. Frankly, by addressing both long and short term needs, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than anything that’s come from the two major political parties in recent memory. (The fact that I generally don’t care for Paris, but like her plan more than those proposed by the Republicrats and Democans, should give you some idea of the esteem in which I hold those two groups. (If you’re not sure how high that is, I suggest you get some mining equipment. A shovel won’t get you low enough.))

I’m not entirely certain “President Paris” would be a good idea, but given the alternatives, maybe she could be Zaphod’s running mate?

5 thoughts on “My Newfound Respect for Paris Hilton”

  1. I think that it’s a very smart way to get back at McCain. It’s nice to see humor in politics. You may not like Paris, but this was a very interesting thing to pull off.
    On a side note, I would prefer to hear the candidates speak of real issues instead of playing around with who’s a celebrity and who isn’t.

  2. haha! See you at the debate bitches! hahaha! LOVE IT!
    side note… it’s funny that McCain used Brit and Paris as they’re both registered REPUBLICANS! (source snopes). Gotta love the extreme hypocrisy! VOTE ZAPHOD!

  3. She’s only 27, which makes her ineligible for the presidency. Um, yeah, that’s the reason.

  4. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that many of today’s voters have no idea Paris won’t be eligible to be President for another 8 years.
    But that’s what makes her such a perfect running mate for The Big Z!! Zaphod’s an alien and therefore ineligible. (I also wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that many of the aforementioned voters have no idea that Governor Schwarzenegger is ineligible to be President, even though he’s a citizen.)
    But as I’ve mentioned before, I’m sure Zaphod can come up with whatever documentation is needed to prove that he’s a natural born citizen; so I rather doubt he’d have any problem producing the appropriate documentation for Paris.

  5. Actually, if Zaphod or Hilton can show that they were present in the Colonies at the time of the Revolution, then they are eligible, despite her youth and his alien origins.
    How many of today’s voters do you reckon would know that?
    (I’m assuming that Hilton can hire a lawyer who would be able to argue that if she were present in Colonial times, then she passes the Constitutional muster for the age requirement, no matter what her apparent biological age.)

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