Water Restrictions

The local water utility had a major water main break late on Sunday evening. Evidently it was one of the primary mains for the Northern half of the county. Consequently, we’ve been advised to boil water before using it for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about the advisory until I was halfway to work yesterday.
In order to conserve water for emergencies (firefighting, etc.), they’ve also imposed water use restrictions. No watering lawns, washing cars, laundry (good thing I did mine Sunday afternoon!), no washing dishes, etc.
Also, because they can’t use the water in food preparation, most of the county’s restaurants have been ordered closed. Likewise, a number of supermarkets have closed their produce departments because they can’t spray water on the vegetables.
This morning, Wylie and I discovered a torrent of water running down the street from up by the elementary school. Apparently the main serving my neighborhood is also broken.
I have to wonder, does this mean I should boil the water twice? 🙂
At the office, they posted signs yesterday asking everyone to limit their use of the restrooms because of the water restrictions. Fortunately, there are bushes planted around the building…

3 thoughts on “Water Restrictions”

  1. The usage restrictions were lifted last night (I know, it’s really confusing). You can feel free to do your laundry and shower in tap water, but do your dishes with boiled or bottled. After yesterday’s storms, I don’t think you need to worry about watering the lawn (water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink!). The results of last night’s tests will be available tomorrow morning, but the Maryland Department of Environment ordered more tests today, and the results won’t be available until Thursday morning, so plan to keep boiling. WSSC has posted a boil water advisory map (see link below), and you and I live just inside the border of it. So close, and yet so far!

  2. Running errands this evening, I discovered that the Home Despot has run out of five gallon water bottles, though surprisingly, Giant still had a couple dozen cases of Aquafina for $4.99 each.
    I refuse to buy water at the store and boiled a couple quarts when I got home this evening. (Time to transfer that to the fridge now, ‘lest I forget.)
    The reason you’re supposed to boil the water is “just in case” there are bacteria in it. Marauder would no doubt point out that this is exactly why you should go to a bar instead. Problem is, the bars are closed too — the boil order means they can’t use tap water to wash the glasses.

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