Voldemort is a Sled!

The new (notice I didn’t say “final”) Harry Potter book is coming out tonight at midnight. Just for the heck of it, I’ve decided to be one of the people who’s in line at the book store at one minute after midnight. The notion of seeing people lining up for a book instead of a video game console is just too good to pass up.
Of course, I already know what’s in this book: lots of pages!
As for plot points, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether these are genuine spoilers:

One thought on “Voldemort is a Sled!”

  1. Not too surprisingly I guess, Technorati says I’m not alone in juxtaposing Harry Potter and Citizen Kane. (Citizen Potter?).
    My favorite “spoilers” so far are:

    • River kills Voldemort with her brain.
    • Snape is the Dread Pirate Roberts.
    • Voldemort is the name of Tom Riddle’s sled.
    • The Hogwarts Express hits an iceberg and sinks. Ron dies in the icy sea, while Hermione’s heart will go on.

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