Hypothetically Speaking

I’m organizing my Jaycees chapter’s participation in a local High School’s After Prom party. Our role basically boils down to supplying snack food and beverages for approximately 3-400 students. We do this by soliciting donations of food and money from area businesses.

So suppose I’ve just finished printing 286 donation letters. Assuming I’ve done that, and afterwards I’m looking them over one more time.

Now suppose I then – purely hypothetically – somewhat belatedly discovered that I’d accidentally used the wrong version of my signature (I scanned it for use on letters) and I now have 286 donation letters where my signature was backwards.

Would that be “bad”?

3 thoughts on “Hypothetically Speaking”

  1. I suppose that would depend on whether you’d already stamped and sealed 285 donation letters…?

  2. I do write my name backwards quite regularly (some friends claim they’ve never seen it forward), but I don’t have a scanned copy. That’s what makes this hypothetical. 🙂
    But if I really had sent out 300 letters with a reverse signature, would that really be bad? After all, it would make the letters stand out a bit more….

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