Safe House

Frequent visitors to Known Space are aware of the General Products Corporation. The company is entirely owned by the Pierson’s Puppeteers, arguably the most cautious species in the universe.
The company is perhaps best-known for building spaceship hulls. General Products hulls are built in four standard sizes, are transparent to light ranging from infra-red up into the ultra-violet range, but are otherwise impermeable and absolutely guaranteed to never fail.
The Puppeteer presence on Earth isn’t well known as of yet, but there have been rumors of a puppeteer sighting in Indiana. I’ve also found proof that they’ve set up shop in the eastern United States.
My house (photo below) seems ordinary enough…
Just an ordinary house
but check out the name of one of the companies involved in its construction…
Manufactured by the General Products Corporation
This is great news! My house can stand up to anything the universe dishes out!* That’s a great feeling of security.

*Well, almost anything. General Products hulls have been demonstrated to be vulnerable to anti-matter. Happily, there isn’t very much of that stuff available in all of Known Space and even less in Maryland.

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