The Green Green Grass of Home

It didn’t rain much in July or August. As a result, the grass went dormant and didn’t need to be mowed. It’s at times like these, when the yard requires zero maintenance, that I feel like a lawn care genius.
September’s rainfall has been somewhat higher, with several inches in just the first week or so. The grass is growing again. Last week the grass in the backyard was deep enough that Wylie could hide by just laying down.
It rained some more over the weekend with the result that on Tuesday evening, I spent an hour in the backyard. It wasn’t intentional, I just couldn’t find my way back to the house.
I don’t feel like such a genius now.

One thought on “The Green Green Grass of Home”

  1. At least you don’t have a daschund or chihuahua! Mine got lost if I missed mowing the backyard one weekend early this summer after the rain we had then. I think I’m still missing one…

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